The Next Generation Leadership Series is a series of online conversations encouraging emerging leaders to share their voice around topics pertaining to leadership development and the leadership deficit in the nonprofit sector.

Today – From Research to Action: Engaging emerging leaders in a discussion on the latest reports on the leadership deficit.

The program From Research to Action will give you the chance to converse with the authors of the reports Ready to Lead? Next Generation Leaders Speak Out; GEO’s Next Generation Leadership Guide; and NP2020: Issues and Answers from the Next Generation. Share your questions and concerns in a live online chat room.

Click here to join the conversation today at 1 pm EST!

NP2020 has officially moved to  You can find all of the blogs and a new forum feature at  Be sure to register for your own username and password!

Who are emerging leaders?

Emerging leaders are individuals within the nonprofit sector who are ready to lead. Emerging leaders can be of any age and have any amount of experience in the sector, but need to have the drive to learn and commitment to the sector.

Generation Breakdown

Silent Generation


Baby Boomers


Generation X


Millennial Generation


Questions about NP2020

Please forward any questions about the NP2020 Initiative or the NP2020: Issues and Answers from the Next Generation report to Thank you!

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